You can contact the project designer, currently also the project coordinator; as well as the communities involved through different channels.

Valeria Antezana (project designer and coordinator) |

location of the wove piece

The locations of the woven piece and exhibitions are registered in the following map. Institutions, organizations, and collectives can reach out to coordinate possible collaborations or circulation of the woven piece into other places (

Currently in: Cochabamba-Bolivia | Exposición “Cartografías en conversación – Amazonía boliviana” | Proyecto mARTadero. 27 de Agosto y Ollantay | 07 – 20.12.2023

Coming locations: To be announced

Previously in: Bergen-Norway | MAD-2 Graduation Exhibition | Faculty of Art, Music and Design KMD (UiB). Møllendalsveien 61, 5009 Bergen | 17 – 24.06.2022