Luís Motore introduction

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From: Palmarito de la Frontera
By: Luís Motore
Code: PAL_33-LM_01
  • English

    00:00 | Luis Motore Arroyo, my father was a musician too, I no longer have a father or a mother. Here I started playing in 1985, when I entered the Cabildo to play 

    00:14 | since then, imagine how many years I’ve been playing since. After me, there is another that follows me, but it is not the same, 

    00:23 | they know how to play the flute, no more, I play the drum, I play the flute, I play the fife, I play seco-seco, that’s still memories of from my grandparents. 

  • *Español

    00:00 | Luis Motore Arroyo, mi papá era músico también, y ya no tengo papá ni mamá y. Aaquí empecé a tocar en 1985 ingresé a tocar al Cabildo 

    00:14 | de entonces imagínese cuántos años hace ya que estoy tocando ya. Después de mí, hay otro que me sigue pero casi que no es igual, 

    00:23 | saben tocar flauta no más, yo toco caja, toco flauta, toco pífano, toco seco-seco, eso es recuerdos todavía de mis abuelos.